Winter weather is in full effect and protecting your eyes now is just as important as protecting them in the summer. In the wintertime, air is often drier than at other times of the year, and heat used indoors can cause additional dryness. Using eye drops or a humidifier may help decrease these seasonal dry eye symptoms. You can also ease discomfort by wearing glasses instead of contacts, turning down the heat, and staying well hydrated. Additionally, while fresh snowfalls are beautiful, they also can pose a hidden risk to your eye health. Snow glare occurs when the sun is reflected from the surface of the snow and creates intense UV light, which is very dangerous to the eyes. This can result in discomfort, trouble seeing or even snow blindness. Over time, snow glare and snow blindness can lead to cataracts, macular degeneration or other vision loss.

Wearing sunglasses is key to protecting your eyes from these wintertime effects. At Eyedentity Eyewear, we carry a unique set of clip-on lenses by Chemistrie. Chemistrie sun lenses have gone above and beyond the everyday clip-on. By utilizing their patented Magnetic Lens Layering Technology, all of Chemistrie’s sun lenses are custom made to fit virtually any frame. All 24 sun lens options offered by the company are polarized to reduce unwanted glare and block 100% of the sun’s UV rays for maximum eye protection. Stop by Eyedentity Eyewear today and find a Chemistrie clip-on that’s right for you!