Optical Boutique

When you saunter out of our Optical Boutique, Eyedentity Eyewear, you’ll be sure to have custom fit glasses that make you look and feel great!

Walk-Ins Welcome

If you’re not a patient at Williams & Associates Eyecare, no worries! We welcome anyone needing eyewear, no appointment necessary. Bring in your prescription and we’ll find the perfect pair of glasses to match your look and lifestyle!

Prescription Eyeglasses & Sunglasses for You

When you leave Eyedentity Eyewear’s Optical Boutique, you don’t leave wearing glasses that make you look like everyone else. Skip the trip to Chicago, we bring big city eyewear fashion to Mid-Missouri. We visit frame vendors from other countries each year to get the newest products and are exclusive vendors for some lines normally only carried in larger cities.

We offer frames for a wide range of budgets but you won’t find low quality frames, with a designer name slapped onto the side. We are selective with our brands and designers, only choosing quality alternatives we’d be proud to wear ourselves.

Our glasses and sunglasses are organized by designer, so you can easily find your style of frames. Some frame lines can be customized from the ground up while others are ready-to-wear.

Trained Optical Staff

Our opticians are continually educated, and we often have a certified optician on the floor. We have a great understanding of optics to help you find prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses that fit your needs and lifestyle.

Our opticians understand which glasses lenses work best for each prescription. We also assist selecting frames best suited for your bridge size and head shape. We utilize a Zeiss eye terminal for measurements within a tenth of a millimeter accuracy, so you’re sure to receive the perfect style of glasses with an excellent fit.

Glasses are More Than a Fashion Statement

You wear your glasses every day. Glasses aren’t just a fashion statement, they’re a tool to help you live your life comfortably. 60% of online glasses are made incorrectly, so it’s not a surprise when people bring in eyeglasses they bought online to help fix and fit the frames properly for their face. Don’t waste your time and money by doing things the long way. Just come and see us the first time!

60% of online eyeglasses are made incorrectly

Our Brands of Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

Tom Davies Eyewear

Maui Jim Sunglasses

Nike Eyewear

Ray Ban Eyewear

Lafont Eyewear

WX Eyewear

Flexon by Marchon Eyewear

Kate Spade New York Eyewear